Resource Evaluation.  Our baseline property evaluation service includes a site survey of a property to determine the options for alternative power supply, potable water supply, waste management, property access, and other specific property engineering evaluations outlined in advance.  This report includes detailed engineering of water supply needs and hydroelectric design, presuming that resources support its development.  The final written report includes estimates for the variety of alternatives and an economic analysis of those alternatives to present the ownership with the information necessary to make informed decisions.  Standard resource evaluations that do not require more than one day of field work are $1000 plus travel expenses.  For detailed property access surveys, an additional fee of $1000 is normally assessed to determine optimal access layout, costs, and drainage requirements.  All engineering and design work requires a deposit of 50% in advance with the balance due upon delivery of the final report.  In most cases 50% of the engineering fee is applied toward the costs of installation work that is awarded to Osa Water Works within one year of the completion of the engineering report.

Potable Water Supply Installations.  We provide soup to nuts potable water installations, including hand dug wells, oversight of drilled wells, rainfall capture systems, surface water intakes using infiltration galleries, spring box capture systems, and alternative exotic water intake options including horizontal wells in locations favorable for their development.  Osa Water Works installs all manner of pumps including solar powered centrifugal and multistage pumps, submersibles, ram pumps, and provides home pressurization with combinations of pumps/pressure tanks as well as the construction of storage tanks and towers. 

Water Quality Assessment.  Osa Water Works partners with laboratories in San Jose for complete analysis of water to determine if and when water treatment is required and provides design and fabrication of custom water filtration systems for whole homes and point of use systems.

Pipelines.  Osa Water Works provides a full array of pipeline installation services.

Irrigation.  We offer full irrigation support consulting and sales of timers, electric nozzles, drip and spray systems, and filtration for prolonging the life of heads and nozzles.

Pool Water Support.  Full engineering support for pool water management and water quality maintenance, including pumps, filtration equipment, lighting, and miscellaneous test kits and pool support infrastructure.

Solar Energy Consulting, Engineering, Design, and Installation.  Osa Water Works provides full-service consulting, engineering, sales, installation, and support for alternative power systems, including solar, wind, fossil-fuel generator, and hydroelectric.  Where support is undertaken by email and telephone, no consulting charges are typically incurred for quoting systems.  Site visits carry consulting fees.

Sanitation.  Osa Water Works offers full waste management support services, including trouble-shooting for failing septic and waste treatment systems, design, fabrication, and installation of package waste water treatment alternatives as well as advanced septic alternatives including mounded and aerated septic alternatives.  We also provide percolation testing for new home construction and rational design of septic systems to ensure uninterrupted and failsafe performance across the life of your project.

General Contracting.  Osa Water Works partners with Don Beto Construction (www.donbetoconstruction.com) to provide a complete range of construction services inside Costa Rica, including residential and commercial construction, additions, remodels, and specialty jobs.  Under this umbrella partnership, we are able to offer a range of custom built specialty items out of metal, wood, or masonry.  We also provide full permitting services with expertise in getting building and other permits through both the Golfito and Osa Municipalities in southern Costa Rica.

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